An Unforgettable Dining Experience: Exploring Our Multi-Cuisine Restaurant with Live Performances

Explore Delicious Cuisines and Live Entertainment at Fox in the Field

Fox in the Field offers extraordinary dining experience by merging various culinary choices, live entertainment and an outdoor surrounding. Right in the heart of Whitefield, Bangalore there is a microbrewery that houses an amphitheatre which is conducive for guests to enjoy live music or
comedy as they eat.

Diverse Menu and Popular Dishes

There are delectable dishes available on our multi-cuisine menu that caters to different tastes. The favourites from customers include the smoked chilli barbequed chicken pizza, the juicy big fox chicken burger and chicken dum biryani that is cooked with succulent pieces of marinated chicken. Another star dish on our menu is risotto that has been cooked just right to blend flavours perfectly for a fulfilling meal.

Upcoming events

Our live performance calendar includes a mixture of performances ranging from local bands to stand-up comedians which ensures there is always something entertaining going on at Fox in the Field. Please keep checking our events calendar for upcoming events.

Serene Outdoor Seating

It’s great for brunches, lunches, dinners or sundowners! Come check out our outside seating area where you can have your meals. This makes for perfect outdoor brunches, lunches, dinners or sundowners. It has a cozy feel with picturesque surroundings thus making it suitable for unwinding moments with family or friends.

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